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Clarington Security Guard Services


When it comes to security in Clarington, look no further than Lima Security Services. We are your trusted partner for a wide range of cutting-edge security services, dedicated to upholding the highest safety standards. Our client base is diverse, encompassing healthcare, educational institutions, and various industrial sectors, with a specialization in tailoring security programs for retail establishments.

What Sets Us Apart:

  Expert Security Personnel: Our team of professional security officers in Clarington is carefully selected and rigorously trained to meet your unique security requirements. Count on them to maintain a secure environment for your business or institution.

  Advanced Security Technology: In the ever-evolving security landscape, Lima Security Services offers state-of-the-art security systems to protect your assets. From advanced surveillance to cutting-edge access control, we provide the latest technology to enhance your safety.

  Customized Security Solutions: We recognize that each client faces distinctive security challenges. Our commitment is to thoroughly understand your specific needs, budget, and situation. We work closely with you to design a personalized security program that perfectly aligns with your requirements.

In Clarington, Lima Security Services doesn't just bring expertise to the table; we are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service. Our unwavering commitment has earned us one of the highest client retention rates in the industry. When you choose Lima Security Services, you are selecting a partner who genuinely comprehends your security concerns and is firmly devoted to ensuring your safety and peace of mind.


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Mission Statement

To advance and lead by example through the use of the latest technology, highest quality of training and set a higher standard within the security industry


To empower our employees and work

in a cohesive partnership with our clients

With our level of professionalism, our highly trained staff and vigilant security guards, we will give you the best security service you deserve. Our motivated team will keep your people, your property, your information safe and secured.


Join our ever-growing security team and find out how your specific skills and talents could help our company grow.

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