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Professional Condominium Concierge Security Services in Toronto

Lima's Concierge Services specializes in providing concierge security services for a variety of establishments in Toronto and the surrounding Greater Toronto Area. From condominiums and apartment buildings to commercial complexes, hotels, and retirement homes, we are your trusted partner in ensuring the safety and satisfaction of your residents and visitors.

Our concierge security guards excel in customer service, embodying a warm and welcoming presence while remaining vigilant to address any security concerns or emergencies promptly. We understand that creating a secure and pleasant environment is paramount, and our dedicated team is committed to surpassing your expectations.

Our concierge security guards are extensively trained to:

  • Monitor CCTV

  • Manage parcels

  • Program FOBs and interphones

  • Handle elevator and amenity room bookings

  • Responding to floods, noise complaints, short term rentals and fires


Lima Concierge Security Services is designed to improve your security standards while providing unparalleled customer service. Our security team serves as the initial point of contact for visitors, ensuring a positive and secure experience through proficient management of access control, surveillance systems, and visitor registration. Additionally, we offer assistance with directions, inquiries, and other customer needs, going above and beyond to make a lasting positive impression.


We recognize the importance of seamlessly blending security with hospitality. Whether it's safeguarding a residential building, hotel, corporate office, or event venue, our concierge security services provides professional service, instilling peace of mind and enhancing the overall experience for all stakeholders.

With a commitment to continually evolving and upgrading our procedures, we provide our concierge security guards with customized "Standing Operating Procedures" for each condominium, in line with local bylaws, acts, and standards. Your property's security is our priority, and our highly trained guards are equipped with the skills needed to ensure constant protection.

Get a Free Consultation, contact Lima Security Services at (416) 833-5462. Experience professional concierge security services that seamlessly blend security expertise with unmatched customer care. Your safety and satisfaction are our utmost concern.

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