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Concierge Security

Lima Concierge Services provides a wide range of security solutions to buildings such as condominiums & apartment buildings, commercial complexes, hotels, as well as retirement homes for our clients in Toronto and the surrounding GTA areas. Our Concierge Security Guards are trained to:

  • Monitor C.C.T.V 

  • Manage parcels

  • Program FOBs and interphones

  • Handle elevator and amenity room bookings

  • Responding to floods, noise complaints, short term rentals and fires


At every site, our Concierge security guards are provided with “Standing Operating Procedures”. These are customized for each condominium in accordance with local bylaws, acts, standards and designed to be flexible in meeting your expectations. At Lima Security Services, we strive to ensure these procedures are continuing to evolve and upgrade. Call us today for a Free Consultation at (416) 833-5462.

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