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Our Team's Message

There are many Security Companies in Toronto, but none of them are as distinctive as us. At LIMA Security Services, we believe in quality over quantity. All of our

employees are hand-picked from various backgrounds of education. This consists from diplomas/degrees to current/ex-service in the military and police. Our highly disciplined guards are trained in the knowledge of the Criminal Code, Trespass to Property Act, Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms and much more. Our security guards remain vigilant to ensure your assets are protected with professionalism and precision. We do not just observe and report, we act with the power of knowledge.

Concierge Security

LIMA's concierge security provide a wide range of services for our clients. Our guards are trained to:

  • Monitor C.C.T.V 

  • Manage parcels

  • Program FOBs and interphones

  • Handle elevator and amenity room bookings

  • Responding to floods, noise complaints, short term rentals and fires

At every condominium, our guards are provided with “Standing Operating Procedures”. This is customized for each condominium in accordance with local bylaws, acts, standards and designed to be flexible in meeting your expectations. At LIMA Security Services, we strive to ensure these procedures are continuing to evolve and upgrade.

Corporate Security

LIMA Security Services understands that the most important goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for your business. Our Corporate Security guards provide: 

  • Physical security presence to mitigate risks 

  • Ensure safety protocols are met 

  • Monitor access control 

  • Crowd control

  • Crisis management

  • Customer service professionalism

  • Effective communication

  • Respond to any emergency situations

LIMA Security is always ready, flexible and prepared to assist you with any tasks you require.

Commercial Security

At LIMA Security Services, we recognize the importance of establishing a strong security presence to deter altercations between patrons. We train our staff to effectively bridge the gap between customer service and sense of constant non-invasive security. Our Corporate security team is trained to:

  • Respond to a wide range of incidents

  • Security breaches and emergencies

  • Perimeter protection

  • Access control

  • Intrusion detection

  • Operating the latest C.C.T.V equipment 


Our guards are always on patrol and ready to execute your property protocols.

Industrial Security
Institutional Security
Locksmith at Work

Our Industrial security guards are uniquely trained to reduce liability and focus on "safety first principles". We ensure the adherence to your site's policies are strictly enforced and we are prepared to take appropriate measures to properly manage:

  • Fires 

  • Medical emergencies 

  • Mechanical issues 

  • Access violations 

  • Shipping and receiving matters 

  • Health and safety issues

  • Maintaining accurate and detailed records of all actions taken

LIMA Security is prepared to work in a cohesive partnership with our clients in the Industrial industry to ensure expectations and policies are met.

We understand the importance of keeping facilities secured, but more importantly ensuring the safety of your students and faculty members. We take all risks into account and are committed to establishing a safe learning environment for all. Our institutional security guards are prepared to work with people from all ages and backgrounds.

  • ​Access control and monitoring

  • Crisis management and response

  • Local risks and hazards

  • Parking enforcement

These are just the few services that we provide and find best fit for institutional facilities, however, always feel free to contact us for a tailoured security solution for your facility​.

LIMA Security Services supports the integrity of every event to your expectations. Our professional approach to interacting with the public leaves an everlasting enjoyable experience to your guests and staff. We provide a list of services such as:

  • ​Providing direction and assisting guests

  • Quick response to urgent matters such as medical emergencies

  • Safeguard equipment and other assets necessary for the event to be a success

  • Ensure that only authorized guests and event personnel are permitted into the function

  • Other specific tasks required to support the events soladarity



We offer 24/7 emergency locksmith services for Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding areas. Our locksmiths offer cost efficient solutions to your security needs. We Service the Auto, Residential and Business Sectors, helping to offer you a secure and multiple approach solution that can best suit your needs.

  • Lock replacement

  • Cutting keys

  • Smart lock repair

  • Automotive lockout

  • Broken locks

  • and more...


LIMA is ready on your go, just say the word!

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