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Industrial Security Services

Lima Security Services is a trusted provider of Industrial Security Services, providing comprehensive security solutions to for industrial facilities, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and construction sites. Our industrial security guards are uniquely trained to reduce liability and focus on "safety first principles" on all jobs. With our deep understanding of the unique challenges faced in industrial settings, we deliver robust industrial security measures to ensure the safety and integrity of your operations.

Our team of industrial security guards are trained to identify and mitigate potential risks, implementing stringent access control, perimeter security, and surveillance systems. We prioritize the prevention of unauthorized access, theft, vandalism, and other security breaches that can disrupt your industrial security activities.


We work closely with our clients to develop tailored security plans, considering the specific needs and vulnerabilities of their facilities. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we provide a reliable and proactive approach to industrial security. Trust Lima Security Services to safeguard your industrial assets, minimize operational disruptions, and maintain a secure environment for your personnel and valuable resources.


We ensure the adherence to your site's policies are strictly enforced and we are prepared to take appropriate measures to properly manage:

  • Fires 

  • Medical emergencies 

  • Mechanical issues 

  • Access violations 

  • Shipping and receiving matters 

  • Health and safety issues

  • Maintaining accurate and detailed records of all actions taken


As a forward-thinking industrial security service provider, Lima Security Services understands the importance of staying ahead in an ever-evolving industrial landscape. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the present, as we continuously invest in training for our industrial security personnel. This proactive approach allows us to adapt swiftly to emerging security challenges, ensuring that your industrial security operations remain protected in an ever-changing environment. When you choose Lima Security Services, you're not only investing in the present industrial security of your facility but also in the future readiness to face new threats and vulnerabilities head-on. Your industrial security is our top priority, today and tomorrow.

Lima Security is prepared to work in a cohesive partnership with our clients to ensure expectations and policies are met. We are based out of Toronto and we serve the surrounding areas. Call us at
(416) 833-5462 for a free consultation. Your trusted partner in industrial security services.

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