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Mobile Security   Patrol

At Lima Security, our clients' safety and security is paramount. As a result, the necessity of a 24 hours security coverage is inevitable. However, every site has its own security needs.


That is why at Lima, we proudly offer Mobile Patrol Security Response services. This consists of patrol car and foot patrol for the covered area.

Our Field Supervisors are hand-picked and trained to provide front-line support to our guards while also conducting spot checks and alarm responses. Using an advanced technology, our mobile team is able to respond efficiently and effectively. 

Mobile Guarding Services and Mobile Patrol Solutions include:

  • Alarm and Incident Response

  • Parking Lot & Perimeter Patrol

  • Locking & Unlocking for sites, Facilities & Gates

  • Security Escort Services

  • Interior & Exterior Checks

  • Security Patrol Cars

  • Visitor/Tenant Parking

  • 24/7 Security Service

  • Alarm Response

  • Security Guard on Call

  • Site Lock ups/Unlocks

  • Parking Enforcement

  • Traffic Control/Road Obstructions

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